Flame Guard USA introduces the world’s only non-pressurized fire extinguisher, X-Tinguish

X-Tinguish fire extinguisher

LAKE BARRINGTON, Ill., July 14, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Flame Guard USA (www.flameguardusa.com), a leader in Fire Suppression Innovation, officially released its new Fire Extinguisher product line, X-Tinguish(R) (www.x-tinguish.com). The X-Tinguish fire extinguisher is the World's only non-pressurized fire extinguisher. The units are patented and are a powerful tool that can be used for all walks of life including home, car, boat, motorcycle, industry and for commercial use.

How do they work? In simple terms, fill a balloon with air and then let the air out. The elasticity of the balloon itself forces the air out. Now, make the balloon out of space age silicone, increase its thickness and fill it mechanically. Add a cutting edge release system, a plastic bottle and there you have it. The New X-Tinguish(R) Fire extinguisher utilizes maximum stored potential energy to unleash its suppressant via a release of kinetic energy. The World's First and only non-pressurized fire extinguisher, X-Tinguish(R).

This new extinguisher is revolutionary in many aspects. The system is incredibly safe for humans and the environment. It is the first to utilize the principles of stored energy to deliver the goods. It does not require pressurization. It contains zero compressed gases and does not require a cartridge. It has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP). It is 100 percent non-toxic and non-corrosive and will fully extinguish a stove top fire in a few seconds without the mess normally associated with a fire extinguisher or more importantly, the fear of re-ignition. The light weight and small size of the unique fire extinguishers allow them to be stored nearly anywhere for a fast response. They do not require a class to be able to use them. If you can use a spray can, you can use X-Tinguish(R).

Jim Mackey, partner at Flame Guard USA states: "This product is a unique, new technology to an old product."

The X-Tinguish(R) unit can be operated at a full 360-degrees. This means that whatever position the bottle is positioned at, just point it at the fire, press the release valve (smaller units) or pull the trigger (larger unit) and it will work 100 percent of the time. It is manufactured to maintain its streaming power for at least three years. Another great feature is you do not have to use the entire bottle in one shot. You can spray a few times and use it again later. It will retain its power for the next use.

"When we saw this design, we said we have to make this available to the United States," says Joe Kuesis, partner Flame Guard USA.

The entire unit, once used, is 100 percent recyclable. You can put it in the weekly recyclables when you dispose of the trash. There is no danger of the bottle exploding. Product videos show the unit being pierced and only leaking: http://www.x-tinguish.com/#!video/ceon .

You cannot do this with any other fire extinguisher today. The X-Tinguish(R) fire extinguisher is the only extinguisher safe enough to travel on an airplane. X-Tinguish(R) has been tested thoroughly in 3rd party labs internationally to standards such as UL 711.

About Flame Guard USA:

Flame Guard USA, is an industry leader in fire suppression through Innovation. Flame Guard USA's flagship products include the Original Condensed Aerosol for fighting fires, GreenSol and the Brand New Handheld unit utilized by firefighters and First responders, The X-Tinguish FST (Fire Suppression Tool). Flame Guard USA offers patented technology to be used by hundreds of individuals and organizations worldwide in the consumer, government, manufacturing, transportation and maritime sectors to cost-effectively deliver fire suppression and extinguishment solutions in high volume to their customers. Flame Guard USA provides support for its products, as well as provide solutions for custom fire suppression development for manufacturers and industries in need of an innovative approach to OEM.

X-Tinguish(R) is a registered trademark of Flame Guard USA.

Check out the X-Tinguish(R) line of fire extinguishers on Kickstarter at http://kck.st/1TyadP8 and you might be among the first in the world to own the Fire Extinguisher that is breaking all the barriers.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/BUXLj0GoUVY

TWITTER: @FlameguardUSA

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