Integrated, High-Quality Health Care for Everyone? It Can Be Done!

ATLANTA, Ga. /ScoopCloud/ -- "GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. HEALTHCARE IN A CREATIVE SOCIETY" global event will be hosted on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement on November 2, 2019 at 10 a.m. EDT.

In transforming our society from a consumer-based system to a creative and constructive one, priority shifts to long-term health by creating a healthier society that includes quality health care for every person regardless of nationality, affiliation, or socioeconomic status.

With a consumer-based economic system, profits and consumption are the main driving factors. In a creative and constructive society, the highest value is placed on human life.

The current health care system is driven purely by profit, resulting in care which is unaffordable or altogether unattainable for many in our global family. A creative and constructive society inherently creates a healthy environment that promotes caring for the long-term health of each and every person on the planet. With the actions of society based on fundamental human values such as kindness, compassion, and love, human life and well-being take on the highest value.

"The United States is fast becoming one of the worst health care systems in the world. Not only is it the only industrialized nation that does not provide some form of universal health care to its citizens, but they also have one of the highest rates for health care expenditures." -- From the article "Healthcare Statistics" (

* Health care expenditures in the United States are the highest of any developed country, at 15.3% of GDP. The country with the next highest spending in Switzerland, at 11.6% of GDP. (Source: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)

* The United States does not spend health care money efficiently. An estimated one-third of 2006 health care expenditures, about $700 billion or nearly 5% of GDP, did not improve health outcomes. (Source: Congressional Budget Office.)

* Prescription prices for drugs still under patent protections (as opposed to generic medications) are about 35% to 55% higher in the United States than they are in other countries. (Source: Congressional Budget Office).

Our discussion will include the following:
* What should health care be like in a creative and constructive society?
* What can be done on a global scale to make healthcare system free, easily accessible, and of high-quality in every part of the world?
* What do doctors need to help their patients stay healthy?
* How do preventive measures and increased awareness affect the nation's health?
* What can patients do to help the doctor keep them healthy?

ALLATRA International Public Movement is a format of interaction and dialogue outside of politics and religion among people of diverse social status, occupations, and nationalities. We are people from all over the world, more than a million strong, who realize the importance of reviving humaneness in our society and moral values throughout the world community.

"With healthy thoughts, there is a sound spirit and with a sound spirit, there is a healthy body." -- Sensei I by Anastasia Novykh.

This worldwide conference will be attended by physicians from many fields of medicine, pharmacists, economists, and businessmen, as well as representatives of charitable societies and organizations that advocate the protection of human rights. This live video broadcast will bring together caring people from around the world who will highlight proactive initiatives in the transformation of society from a consumer system to a creative and constructive society by peaceful means thus creating conditions for true unification of all humankind!

Join a worldwide conversation as we focus on solutions for today's health care problems and discuss innovative ideas for creating a high-quality, inclusive health care system of tomorrow.


To be held on November 2, 2019, beginning at 10 a.m. EDT (light refreshments will be served) at the Historic Academy of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia: 875 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

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Atlanta 10:00 | New York 10:00 | London 14:00 | Moscow 17:00 | Kyiv 16:00 | Beijing 22:00

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We invite all interested and caring people to join our world-wide online conference, as we discuss the challenges with the current healthcare system together with innovative ideas for creating a new environment of health and well-being including an integrated, inclusive health care system as part of a global creative and constructive society. Each person can really do a lot!


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"GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. HEALTHCARE IN A CREATIVE SOCIETY" global event will be hosted on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement on November 2, 2019 at 10 a.m. ET.

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