Aaron Ozee Sends Bestselling Children’s Book ‘Regulus’ Into Space

CHICAGO, Ill. /ScoopCloud/ -- Space is an uncharted frontier equipped with mysteries beyond our understanding of what is or will ever be possible. Reaching outward for millions of miles from our planet, space may seem to be a dangerous vacuum to most but a bountiful expanse for those with opportunistic sight. Aaron Ozee, bestselling author of notable children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 9781387010790), has made waves in the realm of literature achieving wonders using his tyrannical king character to impact the imaginations of young readers around the globe.

From claiming bestseller status only a few weeks following original publication to being endorsed by favorited celebrities, "Regulus" carries momentum unlike any other titles on the market. Ozee knew the sky was the limit for his prized creation, or so he assumed, until inspiration struck encouraging him to explore options to send a printed copy of his infamous tale above the clouds to drift blissfully among the glistening stars.

Conducting extensive searches around the web gave Ozee the appropriate insight on how tricky sending objects into space can be using professional technologies let alone collecting materials required for achieving such a feat on your own.

After being quoted by organizations which can arrange flights using elite techniques for gargantuan sums, Ozee remained discouraged only to find a motivated space enthusiast, Thomas Niedballa, who had the means of turning his dream into reality. Niedballa is the founder of Orbit Pics, a private institution holding expertise in the art of high-altitude photography, which uses weather balloon devices to send payloads into the furthest extent of the atmosphere.

Ozee partnered with Niedballa shortly after their introduction to launch a printed copy of "Regulus" into space near his residence in the Province of Toronto in Ontario, Canada (from the shores of Lake Huron) on June 18, 2019.

Outfitted with a 4K Go Pro camera along with a quality GPS tracker, Niedballa coasted the printed copy of "Regulus" into the upper atmosphere reaching 100,000 feet. Upon the weather balloon exploding once it peaked at maximum elevation, the payload hurdled back to Earth where it was retrieved by Niedballa not far away from the launch grounds. Breathtaking footage was exported showcasing the attempt and the stunning beauty immortalized behind "Regulus" within the never-ending darkened void.

Aside from this attempt being a brilliant marketing stunt for sharing the words Ozee has written for developing minds, "Regulus" is the "First American Children's Book Sent Into Space" as well as the "First Self-Published Book Sent Into Space."

Lulu Press, the largest self-publishing firm in the world, has released manuscripts crafted by Ozee since 2011 with "Regulus" marked as his eleventh published title.

"Achieving something that humans once viewed as science fiction is more than a milestone in my life that will be held close to my heart for the remainder of my days but making history that will rattle across the ages is something far greater," says Ozee.

"My sincere appreciation goes to my family, colleagues, friends, teachers, publisher, and beloved for having supported my writing since that very first moment when my pen was pressed on paper," Ozee concludes.

More information:

Copies of "Regulus" may be purchased from https://www.aaronozee.com/ or mainstream retail outlets.

For more information about Thomas Niedballa at Orbit Pics, please visit http://www.orbitpics.com.

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Space is an uncharted frontier equipped with mysteries beyond our understanding of what is or will ever be possible. Aaron Ozee, bestselling author of notable children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 9781387010790), has partnered with Orbit Pics to launch a printed copy of his book into space. (VIDEO)

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