Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Art Exhibition Opens at the Shanghai Exhibition Center

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /ScoopCloud/ -- On May 18, 2019, Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Art Exhibition opened ceremoniously in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The exhibition is organized by the Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association Gallery, and co-organized by Shanghai Xu Beihong Art Research Club, Shanghai University International Exchange Art Center, and Rare Art Inc. of U.S.A., Rare Art, Inc. announced today.

Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is an international virtuoso living in the United States. She has attained the highest artistic achievement of the Class of Ease. Her paintings are both super-realistic and abstracted in a surrealistic style. The physical forms in her art emanate a spiritual dimension. Dr. Wang's skills are exquisite and profound. Her paintings also carry a strong sense of scholarly essence. The quality of Dr. Wang's art sends shock waves throughout the art world.

The opening ceremony was a grand occasion attended by government officials, renowned artists, critics, and distinguished members of society. The exhibition overwhelmingly well received in Shanghai, and is popularly visited by a large number of audiences. During his remarks, Lu Ximing, the Vice President of Shanghai International Culture and Art Exchange Association sent his best wishes for the perfect success of the exhibition. Professor Gu Xingyi of Guangzhou University, who is also a member of the Guangdong Writers Association and Director of the Guangdong Province Collectors Association, remarked that Dr. Wang's art has achieved the likeness both in form and in spirit, and each of her works is refreshing and unforgettable.

Vincent Robbins, Tenure Professor at the Art Center College of Design and the Artistic Director of Rare Art Inc. U.S.A., said in his opening speech "that there is a timeless quality with the work of Dr. Wang that is shown with the brush strokes, blending color as form with a natural expression." Other distinguished guests who attended the opening ceremony include:
* Gong Xinhan, Former Minister of the Propaganda Department, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China;
* Bei Zhaojian, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and Former Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Broadcasting;
* Hu Yanzhao, Former Deputy Mayor of Shanghai;
* Virginia Robbins, formerly interior designer for Raymond Fernand Loew who was one of the most renowned industrial designer in the 20th Century;
* Wang Guofu, Vice President of Shanghai International Culture and Art Exchange Association;
* Hong Yongqing, Director, Shanghai Office, South-South Cooperation Promotion Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China and Chinese Science and Technology Diplomatic Counselor to Hungary, Finland, and Canada;
* Wang Yun, Office Director, Shanghai Office of China-Europe Technical and Economic Cooperation Association;
* Zheng Lanmei, Chair, World Council of Women Artists;
* Wu Shufang, Director and Legal Representative of the Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association Gallery;
* Hu Shengliang, writer, Member of the Editorial Committee, Labor Newspaper;
* Pan Zhiqiang, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai International Culture and Art Exchange, and Representative to the 13th National People's Congress of Zhejiang Province;
* Chen Jialing, first fellow of the National Painting Institute, Member of China Artists Association, and Professor of the School of Fine Arts of the Shanghai University;
* Chen Yiming, contract artist of the Hammers Galleries, New York;
* Xu Mouping, Member of the China Artists Association and famous artist living in Japan;
* Zhang Hao, international horse culture scholar, artist and Co-chair of the China-Canada Cultural Exchange Promotion Association;
* Wang Xiyin, Vice President and Secretary of China Traditional Craft Research Association;
* Chen Ketao, Vice President of Shanghai Collection Association, Expert and Consultant of Shanghai Famous Art Appraisal and Evaluation Center, General Manager of Shanghai International Collections Company, and Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association;
* Wu Wanrong, Chief Editor of the Delightful China Magazine;
* Qi Tiekai, Deputy Dean of Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Academy;
* Lin Baoguo, owner of the Baoguo Parlour at Da Ke Tang;
* Yan Kangwen, famous painter;
* Wang Sheng, Executive Director of Wenzhou Calligraphers Association, and Former Commissar of Lucheng District Public Security Bureau in Wenzhou;
* Zhu Laikou, renowned art critic, senior media personality;
* Lu Yongliang, Art Director of the Outlets Museum (Greater China Region,) United Kingdom
* Zhao Yinghua, former Party Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau;
* Wang Yang, President of the Cultural Professional Committee, China Cultural and Economic Exchange Association;
* Liang Hang, Dean of the Institute of Public Art at Wenzhou University;
* Chen Ping, Deputy President of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and Researcher of the Wuyuan Culture Research Institute;
* Wang Fusong, President of the Bang Academy;
* Ye Daoming, Former and First Jade Factory Director;
* Shen Xueqin, Chairman of the Board of Shanghai Huaxia Modern International Communication Center; among others.

In 2013, President George On Christophides of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers, and Associations (WFUCA) led a group of experts to visit the International Art Museum of America. They highly commended Dr. Yuhua Wang's artworks on view at that time, and immediately named one of the artworks "2013WFUCA."

Professor Stephen Farthing, an art scholar of world authority-Royal Academician of the Royal Academy of Arts in the United Kingdom, and the former Rootstein Hopkins Research Chair of Drawing at the University of the Arts in London-commented that "Dr. Wang's paintings may draw heavily on the traditions of Eastern art but they present themselves as extraordinarily Western ideas and images...Dr. Wang's paintings very elegantly bring two forces together-the force that rejects perspective and the force of Photorealism...Professor Wang's paintings reach across cultures to celebrate the space that exists intellectually and emotionally between representation and abstraction, between a fact and an idea."

In 2008, the artworks of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang were exhibited in the Gold Room at the United States Capitol. The United States Congress recognized Dr. Yuhua Wang as a "great artist and sculptor" and officially chronicled such recognition in the Congressional Record. The same record also mentioned that she "takes great pleasure in helping others, is a selfless person whose moral character is noble, and has made great contributions to the development of cultural exchange between the East and the West."

Early 2019, the New York Academy of Art formally recognized the outstanding talent of Dr. Yuhua Wang and determined that she is a preeminent international artist of first class standing. The Academy presented Dr. Wang with a recognition certificate jointly signed by the President and the Provost. In the same year, a small painting Pomegranates in a Basket of the size 18 by 27 inches, was auctioned for the highest price of US$1.27 million during the Spring Auction of the Gianguan Auction House in New York.

Dr. Wang's profoundly exquisite skills brought her the preeminence status in the art world. The distinguished artworks of international standing presented in this exhibition include a total of seventy of Dr. Wang's ink paintings of distinguished style, super-realistic paintings, and surrealistic paintings of abstract colors.

Exhibition Venue: Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association Gallery
Address: Floor B, East Hall, 1333 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai Exhibition Center
Hours: May 18-22 daily between 10AM and 5PM
Website: http://www.rareartinc.com/

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On May 18, 2019, Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Art Exhibition opened ceremoniously in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The exhibition is organized by the Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association Gallery, and co-organized by Shanghai Xu Beihong Art Research Club, Shanghai University International Exchange Art Center, and Rare Art Inc. of U.S.A., Rare Art, Inc. announced today.

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