Is There Anything New in Toilets?

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SEATTLE, Wash., Dec. 1, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- The short answer is yes, and what's new will surprise you, says Jason Morgan of Beacon Plumbing. It should especially please the majority of people out there who are unhappy with the allegedly water-saving toilets that require two or more flushes and end up using more water. New toilet designs have managed to provide a great flush with less water, and there are plenty of model choices that Beacon Plumbing can install.

Some designs even have a dual flush option, which allows you to select a light flush, or a heavier duty flush, thus saving water and money.

"I was recently asked by a friend in Tacoma whether there were child-friendly toilets that could help with toilet-training his toddler. Indeed, there are many new toilet options that can help," says Morgan.

Let's start with the lid: There are several models of toilet seats that incorporate a child-size seat, which is stored between the lid and the adult seat. The child seat compactly tucks into the lid, and avoids the negative "training seat" image for the youngster who wants a "grown-up seat." A simple Internet search for children's toilet lids will pull up several brands and styles, but you may want to check them out in person, as the lids vary in weight and design and ease in cleaning.

Another child-friendly toilet feature to consider is the diameter of the water outflow pipe (the trap). You want one large enough not to clog if your child tries to flush small toys, just to see what will happen.

New toilet designs include other new features, good for both parents and children: anti-stain coatings, slow-closing lids, quiet lid shutting, and extra quiet flush. Again, I think the best news is that the latest toilet designs manage to give you a great flush while still conserving water. If you are still in doubt, look for a video demonstration on YouTube of 10 "logs" disposed of in one water-conserving flush. Whoosh!

Concludes Morgan, "So this is just a quick look at what's new in toilets, and I haven't even mentioned the new looks available -- one piece toilets, compact toilets, designer toilets. The prices range from affordable to astronomical.

"Do these new-fangled toilets ever leak or clog? Unfortunately, as with any plumbing equipment, over time leaks and clogs can develop, and that's where Beacon Plumbing comes to the rescue. You can count on us for quality work at a fair price."

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