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KAMUELA, Hawaii, Dec. 1, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- To have a long-term solution for terrorism we need to understand the way that terrorism has become a part of our consciousness in everyday life, says Eric Bonnici. We also need to understand why terrorists kill and share it through social media to inflame terror in us. Although it is important to look for short-term solutions to create safety from the immediate threats of terrorism, they are not a long-term solution to terrorism itself. We cannot fight terrorism with behaviors that are propelled by our own fear.

We need to see and acknowledge the fear inside the hearts of terrorists themselves. This does not mean that we should not immediately take action to protect ourselves and others. It is important to do our best to swiftly create safety right here and now while moving toward a long-term solution that will last for future generations.

The root of terrorism is the terrorist's projection of their own fear of not accepting the world just as it is. The world just as it is means a world filled with the diverse and evolving potentials we all have as human beings. Terrorist's project their own fear of not being enough, not having enough, or not being in control, and take it out on others. They do this by trying to control and manipulate people by terrorizing them. This limits their potential to be a part of an evolving compassionate, all-inclusive, and supportive race of human beings working together to support the vision of a healthy, peaceful, and abundant world where all people coexist while celebrating and enjoying their differences.

The way to reflect to terrorists that it is their own fear that they are projecting, is to create a mirror large enough for them to see that the fear within themselves is being projected onto others. This mirror is truly something we each can be a part of. In fact, it is each of us that need to be a part of this mirror so that there is no doubt in the truth that is being reflected.

As human beings we experience life through a nervous system designed to sense fear to help with our survival in a conditional world. As we embrace this fear as a part of being human we begin to own our fear as an individual without projecting our own fear into the world. As we own our own fear, we allow the space for a greater love of who we are as a human being to become a mirror for others around us.

We begin practicing owning our own fear together. As more of us practice owning our own fear together, as a part of being human, we become an even greater mirror for the world as a whole. Then we can be a mirror large enough for terrorists to undeniably see, that the terror they are inflicting on the world, is really the fear that they don't want to face inside themselves. As the world sees the behavior of a terrorist as a behavior that is determined by the terrorist's own fear, we can disarm a terrorist's greatest weapon that is "terrorism" itself.

When the majority of us as humans practice together owning our own fear, we are able to reflect the inner fear that the terrorist is projecting onto the world at large. When this is done, there is nowhere terrorists can hide from facing the deepest fear inside themselves that is propelling their behavior and creating the projection of terror and fear.

As individuals working with owning our own fear, we need to move past our own fear of fear that causes us to be caught in our own heart-head loop trying to avoid it or figure it out. As Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." To begin moving past the heart-head loop, and the constant thinking that we are experiencing from the acts of terror and fear in our everyday life, we need to learn how to stay grounded in the depth of love and wisdom that we are capable of as human beings.

In this way we can act swiftly with clarity, Integrity, and authenticity within ourselves. We can act to immediately provide safety while reflecting acts of terror as a deep fear within all terrorists that is being projected on us. Terrorists avoid experiencing their own fear by making others experience fear in their hearts. They do this rather than being honest with themselves and owning their deep fear of humanness itself.

Once we see this clearly, we can continue to practice living a courageous and sensational life together, without the fear of fear, or the projections of terrorists that can consume our thinking mind. We can move forward with the vision of love and clarity as we create an all inclusive world of peaceful coexistence.

I am offering a free video that teaches us how to practice moving past our fear of fear, seeing things as they are, and acting with deep clarity to establish a future world where all human beings can live a loving, truthful, and sensational life.

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