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Care and Compassion: The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Extend Help to Victims of Japan’s New Year’s Day Earthquake

TOKYO, Japan /ScoopCloud/ -- It was no ordinary New Year's Day for those living in Japan's Ishikawa prefecture. They would ordinarily spend the day with a prayer for the new year at a temple or by visiting family. This year, on New Year's Day, faults that lay dormant for more than 3,000 years suddenly triggered a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. More than 200 died and tens of thousands were displaced. Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tokyo, joined by others from as far away as Pakistan, responded to bring help to Wajima, one of the cities hardest hit by the disaster.

Scientology Tokyo: The Best of the Past and an Even Brighter Future

TOKYO, Japan /ScoopCloud/ -- In celebration of their anniversary August 8, the staff and parishioners of the Church of Scientology Tokyo extend an invitation to watch Destination: Scientology - Tokyo on the Scientology Network and learn what they love most about their city and their Church.

Scientology Tokyo, Where the Best of Modern Technology and Tradition Meet

TOKYO, Japan /ScoopCloud/ -- "Destination: Scientology" takes viewers to the Land of the Rising Sun, in celebration of the anniversary of the August 8, 2015, dedication of the Church of Scientology Tokyo. Tokyo is a city of contrasts. It combines reverence for ancient traditions with a love of technology in the world's most future-forward metropolis.