Residents Medical Helps Canadian Med School Grads Get Residencies

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /ScoopCloud/ -- Canadian medical students and graduates are facing limitations and challenges when it comes to finding credible medical residencies. Residents Medical is offering solutions.

In Canada, medical school graduates must have hands-on training after medical school in order to be licensed and practicing medical doctors. The problem is that there are only 17 medical residency training programs in Canada and only 14 are English speaking; most of these training programs are located on the coast. As a result, more and more Canadian medical school graduates have been unable to land a medical residency. Last year it became somewhat of a national epidemic.

Each year has gotten worse and worse. In the past, many Canadian graduates sought residency training across the border where the graduate medical education opportunities were robust. That's changed. For the past five years, the U.S. has experienced a severe "Residency Bottleneck" meaning there are far more applicants than residency slots.

This year, there was an all-time high of nearly 44,000 medical residency applicants applying for 33,167 positions. So, this means that the U.S offers no guarantees for Canadian medical school grads. However, there is hope and more grads are now looking to Residents Medical for assistance.

Residents Medical is an education organization that educates, prepares, tutors, and places its candidates into accredited residency programs throughout the U.S. In business for more than 20 years, Residents Medical's profile has grown significantly because the number of medical school graduates in limbo has ballooned.

"Ten years ago, we'd help one or two Canadian grads each year. Now, they're our greatest growth demographic. They're anxious to start their careers," Dr. Syed, Guidance Counselor at Residents Medical, says.

Residents Medical has recently helped Canadians from Caribbean medical schools, medical schools abroad and Canadian medical schools. Two Toronto-based medical school graduates, Dr. Sahni and Dr. Anand, were recently referred to Residents Medical because they couldn't find a residency for years.

Residents Medical helped Dr. Sahni land his dream residency. They strengthened his CV via a research pathway at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. He became a published researcher and then got a residency in Internal Medicine at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Dr. Anand came from a family of doctors. She was stressed and unable to advance her career after graduating from Ross University School of Medicine in the Caribbean. Residents Medical sent her on an externship and research tenure. This was vital to her application status and she Matched into a residency in Psychiatry at Nassau University Medical Center on Long Island, New York.

"There is an immense need for our protocol in Canada. In fact, Residents Medical plans to soon open a branch in the Toronto area," Mrs. Agata Everest, president, Residents Medical, says.
Residents Medical shows great objectivity in finding solutions for this nuanced field of medicine. It has helped many other Canadian doctors to branch out into top residency programs around the U.S.

These doctors, along with other medical school graduates, worldwide, are now reaching their professional goals and Residents Medical is making it happen.

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Canadian medical students and graduates are facing limitations and challenges when it comes to finding credible medical residencies. Residents Medical is offering solutions.

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